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Labour cooperation between Vietnam and Korea achieved positive results
09:51 AM 03/07/2024
(LĐXH)- Economic and labour cooperation will continue to be an important pillar in bilateral relations, as well as a driving force to bring the relationship between the two countries to new level.
At the recent Vietnam - Korea Labor Cooperation Forum held in Seoul, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that Vietnam - Republic of Korea (RoK) labour cooperation is a bright spot in the bilateral relationship between the two countries. In particular, many Vietnamese workers have returned to RoK to work, showing that the Korean side needs Vietnamese workers and both sides are satisfied with bilateral labour  cooperation.
The Prime Minister affirmed that the scope for labour cooperation between the two countries still has great potential.
RoK is a country with a highly developed socio-economic foundation but a rapidly aging population and a shortage of human resources in fields such as industry, agriculture, fisheries, tourism and services.
Meanwhile, Vietnam is a developing country and is benefiting from a golden population structure, with abundant young human resources.
"We will together create the most favorable conditions for workers to be respected and devote themselves to their own development, contributing to the two countries and the two countries' relationship", the Prime Minister said.
The Prime Minister asked RoK to continue to take the lead in training international human resources, including Vietnamese workers, to promote effective, sustainable human resource cooperation and bring benefits to both sides. At the same time, sending highly qualified experts and managers to work in Vietnam.
The Prime Minister said that in addition to traditional occupations, Vietnam aims to recruit and dispatch skilled and qualified workers in a number of occupational fields in which RoK has strengths.
In his speech at the Forum, MoLISA Minister Dao Ngoc Dung said that cooperation in the field of sending and receiving labour between Vietnam and RoK has been developing strongly and comprehensively.
RoK began accepting Vietnamese workers in 1993 and has now become one of the key labour markets, attracting many Vietnamese workers with high salaries and a good working environment.
In 2023, Vietnam has sent more than 15 thousand workers to RoK to work, the highest in the past 10 years. The number of Vietnamese workers currently ranks first among 16 countries sending workers to work in RoK./.
Translated by Hong Minh
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